Time is Running Out

Hello, the Wedding Connoisseur is here to chat today about time management. I know a lot of today's couples are opting out of some professional services for their wedding day.  They think they can do it themselves and it will be cheaper. They ask family, friends, bridesmaids and anyone else to take on the task [...]

I CAN DO THAT! (Novice vs. Professional)

Hello the Wedding Connoisseur is back. Is there a thin line between being an amateur and a professional?  When I meet people they ask me what I do for a living. I give a business card and proceed to tell them that I am a Wedding Designer. Their response is priceless. I get the person [...]

“Keep your stuff to yourself”

The Wedding Connoisseur is here to give you some morsels of information. There is a difference between family heirlooms and artifacts (stuff).  As a wedding designer we work to give you your vision. We discuss every detail of your wedding day but I do not remember asking for additional items to assist with the wedding decor.  I wonder why [...]

D . I . whY

Hello, this is the Wedding Connossieur . Today, we are going to discuss DIY wedding projects.  Many years ago when the DIY craze showed up people would attempt to create their own invites, menu cards, flowers, etc... Fast forward to today and a lot of couples think they can do anything and everything for their [...]

“I want this!” “Can I have that?”

Hi, I am the Wedding Connoisseur! I  am a floral and event designer, but if you ask my clients they would tell you I also do the following job duties: Financial planner Carpenter Counselor Chemist Trapeze Artist They assume I wear all of these hats in this business. When clients come to Soiree etc they are [...]