The year 2020 kicked off with me attending a graduating party for a previous client. Five years ago, I assisted with planning and designing a wedding for my youngest couple (23 years old) to date. I am proud to say they are still married and building a life together. The groom graduated with his Master’s [...]

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Color me Bad

Color is everything when it comes to designing a wedding. It is one of the many decisions that needs to be made before you start confirming bridesmaid dresses, flowers, and the list goes on. The problem when people make a decision on color, they do not realize that the color that they choose may have [...]

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Is Less More?

Hello, the Wedding Connoisseur is ready to chat! Is Less More? As a wedding designer I find that I get a lot of request for everything a client thinks they can get in their budget. The problem comes in when they do not realize that their budget does not match their dreams. That is when [...]

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