Color is everything when it comes to designing a wedding. It is one of the many decisions that needs to be made before you start confirming bridesmaid dresses, flowers, and the list goes on. The problem when people make a decision on color, they do not realize that the color that they choose may have many layers.

Most people do not know that pink has over 35 categories for its color family. The variation could be a problem when someone thinks that everything comes in the particular color they choose. We sit across from clients who want the dresses, table linens, flowers and everything to match. The realization is different shades of that color will work too and add a flair to the design of your event.

Here are some key information that needs to be thought out when selecting color :

– Do not make it look like a uniform (gowns and flowers match)

– Color choice does not have to match the Oriental rug at the venue

– Time and season of the year does matter

– Add other colors that will compliment your signature color

It is important that the color selection you choose is well thought out. You should realize that it is the key to a successful wedding event.