Hello the Wedding Connoisseur is back.

Is there a thin line between being an amateur and a professional?  When I meet people they ask me what I do for a living. I give a business card and proceed to tell them that I am a Wedding Designer. Their response is priceless. I get the person who says, “I do the same thing or my cousin is good at that.” The other response is “I love Home Goods. It is my favorite store.” If you won your case in traffic court, does this mean you are a lawyer? Giving your car an oil and filter change does not make you a mechanic. But it seems that the profession of wedding planning and design are an easy target for the self proclaimed expert.

I am certain your cousin throws great family events, but it is a thin line from being a novice and a professional.  If you are interested in being a wedding professional you will need to build business relationships with wedding vendors. You must be able to think on your feet.  As a professional you must be able to articulate to a client different design alternatives.  Learn to deal with a variety of mishaps, weather, budgets, attitudes, and the list goes on. Educate yourself on the lastest trends.

If you are prepared to take on these responsibilities for someone other than a family member then you can start on the track to be a professional. Other than that the next time you want to inform a true wedding professional you are an equal do not be surprised if  you are asked to show a business card, website, instagram presence, references and some credentials to prove it.