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Is Less More? As a wedding designer I find that I get a lot of request for everything a client thinks they can get in their budget. The problem comes in when they do not realize that their budget does not match their dreams. That is when the question comes up if less is more.

I ask my clients to tell me their dreams and wishes. I request from the client to list their top ten must haves. Then I ask about their budget. I am honest enough to let them know that everything they want is not possible but we will dig in our creative bag of tricks to make their day memorable. Something as simple as accessorizing the table could change how the room appears. Small impact but powerful. The quality of work can be topnotch if you target small wows that are affordable for your client.

Be honest and keep it simple with your design. You want to leave an impression and not make it seems as you are cluttering the room. Remember less is more. It can leave an everlasting impression.