The Wedding Connoisseur is here to give you some morsels of information.

There is a difference between family heirlooms and artifacts (stuff).  As a wedding designer we work to give you your vision. We discuss every detail of your wedding day but I do not remember asking for additional items to assist with the wedding decor.  I wonder why clients feel the need to bring me some additional artifacts (stuff). Not only do I get these additional items I am told where to place them in the room.  After getting these items I think to myself “How does this fit into the decor?”

These are questions you should consider before adding items to the wedding vision.  Is this a family heirloom that represents the union of marriage? Does the heirloom represent a family member (past or present)? Why did you select this item? Is your selection about cost or color? How will this fit into the decor? Are you buying for quantity or quality? “Where will this fit in the wedding design?”

I have redesigned a jumping broom found at a thrift store.  We have used a piece of lace from a client’s great grandmother for the escort table. Pictures and picture frames of family members have been used. But if you want to bring me your yard sale finds, dollar store items, noise makers, kid’s creations and the list goes on, please save your time and money. This is why you hired a professional.

Remember, no one wants to be a hoarder so why would you be one on wedding day.