Hello, the Wedding Connoisseur is here to chat today about time management.

I know a lot of today’s couples are opting out of some professional services for their wedding day.  They think they can do it themselves and it will be cheaper. They ask family, friends, bridesmaids and anyone else to take on the task of decorating their wedding. There are two questions that should be considered. Are you confident this will get done? Do you know how to manage time?

Let me take you on a journey down Wedding Designer Reality Boulevard. Two days before the wedding I am being told I only have 2 hours to setup a backdrop, ceremony space, and centerpieces. Also, I must breakdown everything in a hour after the wedding. What do you do then? I have to make sure I get more staff , energy and a lot of prayer. But, before I get to this point I have worked on 5 time management principles to be prepared for this type of situation. Here is the breakdown:

  • Creative time – figuring out what can be created that fits in the budget and time limit allotted
  • Discovery time – finding out about challenges concerning setup, breakdowns, staffing and purchasing
  • Prep time – cleaning flowers, vases and staff assignments
  • Execution time– transforming the venue to match the wedding design vision
  • Break down time – clearing the room and items at the end of the evening

It is important to know that time is limited, good help is hard to find, skills are important and communication is the key. You and your crew need to know that you will not be able to avoid Wedding Designer Reality Boulevard. You will need to know how to manage your time.