I know you think how can I have a fun baby shower virtually. There are ways to accomplish this and still have fun.

First send out an e-vite for the Zoom baby shower. Invite as many people that can virtually come. Great way to get your out of town relatives to the shower.

Next register for baby gifts. Have everyone send the gifts to your home.

Designate a person to be your virtual host/hostess. He/She will be responsible for keeping score for games, monitoring zoom call, and making list for gifts received.

Decorate a space to celebrate your virtual shower. Get balloons, banners, bottles, etc.. to set the scene for the shower.

Now the tricky part is food. Choose food items that you would recommend everyone have in celebration for your baby shower.

Playing games are easy. E-mail the games to the participants. Utilize the chat window to capture information. (word scramble, price is right, baby songs, etc…) Also think about sending e-gift cards to the winners of the game.

Last but not least open gifts that you received. This can get everyone involved in the celebration of this special time in your life.

If you have any questions please feel free to Contact us.

“The Party Must Go On!”