Hello, this is the Wedding Connossieur .

Today, we are going to discuss DIY wedding projects.  Many years ago when the DIY craze showed up people would attempt to create their own invites, menu cards, flowers, etc… Fast forward to today and a lot of couples think they can do anything and everything for their weddings with diy projects.  Some projects turn out great and then some projects should never make an appearance. Every project that looks easy in a photograph may not be as simple to complete.

I know that money is the key reason why people think DIY projects are better. But if you have never been crafty this is not a good time to start.  Most people are novice and they think that as long as they read the instructions and buy the items ($20 scissors and $6 glue) it will turn out perfect. NOT SO MUCH. This is when your diy project should be a #didontever!

Here are some suggestions to consider when you are contemplating going down the DIY route:

  • Hire a professional
  • Keep DIY project(s) to 1 or 2
  • Do a mock up at least 2-3 months prior to the big day
  • Be creative with your project
  • Ask for assistance

DIY weddings are meant to be cost effective but normally they are projects that go wrong and they become expensive, unoriginal, and discarded. This is a big event and is not a good time to try experiments. Keep these details in mind when you want to D.I.whY.