Hi, I am the Wedding Connoisseur!

I  am a floral and event designer, but if you ask my clients they would tell you I also do the following job duties:

  • Financial planner
  • Carpenter
  • Counselor
  • Chemist
  • Trapeze Artist

They assume I wear all of these hats in this business.

When clients come to Soiree etc they are equipped with Instagram pics, Pinterest pins and Magazine clippings. I see random pictures and I constantly hear these words “I want this, I see that in my future, Can you do that?” The entire meeting I am thinking “Can you afford it?”

As I am listening to their vision of  a wedding I wonder if there is a money tree in their backyard. I know from past experience that is a fantasy.  Once I inform clients the cost they are ready to tell me how I am too expensive or are the flowers I am using made out of gold (direct quote from an inquiry).

So here is my advice to help you through the process:

  • Be honest about the Budget (It is not a curse word, it is a necessity)
  • Develop your own vision ( Duplicating a picture of someone else’s wedding may not fit into your wedding story)
  • Be open to substitutions (Flowers such as peonies can be substituted with garden roses since they are a little cheaper and available year round)
  • Educate yourself ( Check out wedding resources such as Wedding Wire, the Knot, etc…where there is a lot of great information)

Remember before we can reach the sky we must start at ground level.

Note: Pinterest pins always look easy when you are not the person creating the inspiration.